Moving in Edmonton can be stressful. Here are some helpful tips on how to approach your next Aparment/Condo move with strategy and ease. PJ Moving Solutions has performed a lot of apartment/condo moves in Edmonton so we have a good idea on how to streamline your process. As always, we are experienced movers and we are here to help!

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Before Committing To A New Apartment Or Condo in Edmonton

Ensure your apartment or condo will fit you! Create a floor plan of your new apartment where all your items should belong. If you can, try to measure the apartment and your belongings out. This will give you a better idea of if it is the right space for you. Do this before committing a single dollar to an apartment application fee. Will your new apartment be too cramped with your old things? Will you need to buy new furniture to fill up the increased space? Will the movers have trouble getting your couch where it needs to be?

Remember, be wary of landlords not willing to upgrade the necessities. Keep an eye out for floor boards, electrical wiring, anything that needs to be looked after. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your home. Ensure your landlord takes care of their properties and in turn you will get a home that is up to date and hassle-free of issues. Watch for these hidden pitfalls!

Legally, renting a condo may look like renting an apartment but they are not the same. Condos in Edmonton come with a HomeOwners Association. This inturn means lots of rules and regulations to follow. Be sure your owner is responsible enough to handle his mortgage and HOA fees, otherwise you might be screwed over during an unforeseen foreclosure in Edmonton.

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Apartment/Condo Regulations
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Apartment Moving Regulations?

You should check with your apartment landlord to make sure you know what they are before you book your moving date. You don't want to be penalized by not abiding by them. If you or your friends damage the apartments doors, walls, floors, lights etc … during your move, you may be accountable and suffer a penalty, or even have your deposit withheld. Some apartment complexes in Edmonton also have Time Restrictions on moves. If you take too long, you may be penalized again. Why not let us help?

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Rely on Professionals
Friends May Not Always Be There For You

Your stuff might fit into a pick-up truck, but that doesn’t mean your friends are going to be particularly careful or happy with you for asking them to haul it. They might do it, because they love you, but you’ll owe them for a long time. You’ll also put yourself in a bad position because moving is dangerous.

You’re asking people to haul heavy items around. You may be asking them to climb up and down stairs with those heavy items. Professional movers know how to avoid injury. We’ve been trained in this kind of work. We get paid to take these kinds of risks. Pizza and beer is not enough to compensate someone for a broken leg or a back injury.

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Book Elevators
Edmonton Apartment Moving Elevators

Some apartment complexes in Edmonton do have elevators. If they do, make sure you reach out to your apartment landlord and get them booked so we can use them on moving day, especially if you’re up three flights of stairs or more. This can really save a lot of time, money, and headaches for you and your movers.

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